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Gig Harbor, WA Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney

Cristine Beckwith is a criminal lawyer who actively defends Gig Harbor and Port Orchard residents. Part of her extensive experience involves defending clients who are facing criminal, DUI, or Domestic Violence charges in Gig Harbor Municipal Court and Port Orchard Municipal Court.

Local Experience

Cristine is dedicated to defending Gig Harbor community members from the charges of DUI, Domestic Violence, Assault, and juvenile crimes. All crimes can have serious and long term consequences. It is important that your defense lawyer is experienced with the jurisdiction that your criminal or DUI charges are pending. A criminal attorney with relevant experience and a strong local reputation can be very effective during negotiations with prosecutors.

Challenging Criminal Charges

Mistakes or questionable decisions made by the arresting officer can be enough to sway a case in your favor. In other instances, a lack of hard evidence can result in a dismissal or not guilty verdict at a jury trial.

Each criminal charge has a unique set of circumstances. It is important that your criminal defense attorney is able to uncover every possible evidentiary issue. A single argument can result in a favorable outcome in your criminal, juvenile, Domestic Violence, or DUI case. Cristine prides herself on effectively challenging the evidence that is being used against her clients.

Cristine can be contacted directly at 253-238-8273 for a no obligation phone consultation or to schedule an appointment for an in person case analysis.