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Proven Results

Cristine Beckwith has been recognized for being one of the leading criminal defense and DUI attorneys in the jurisdictions where she practices law. Below are examples of case results, client comments, and peer endorsements.

DUI Dismissals
  • Multiple DUI licensing dismissals where the client's due process or confrontations rights were violated
  • Several DUI dismissals where evidence was challenged, as to the admissibility of the breath test
  • Successfully challenged WA State's ability to prove that a client was the driver in a DUI hearing
  • Drug DUI based on a Methamphetamine blood test - dismissed on a Probable Cause Motion
  • Alcohol DUI with a .10 breath test - Drunk driving charges dismissed on a Speedy Trial Motion
  • Successfully argued that the results of a DUI alcohol breath test were inaccurate, based on the client's medical condition
  • Commercial driver’s license (CDL) suspension due to DUI - Defense motion won argument to dismiss case due to a lack of probable cause
  • DUI refusal dismissed due to a successful argument that the police did not give defendant an interpreter, when English was not their first language. 
  • Argued that a client's medical condition interfered with his ability to comply with the alcohol breath test and the DUI refusal was dismissed
Criminal Results
  • Hundreds of Domestic Violence cases dismissed on defense motions
  • Have saved the gun rights of over 200 military service members by getting favorable dispositions and results when clients are charged with Domestic Violence or a felony
  • Felony Domestic Violence charges negotiated down to disorderly conduct
  • Domestic Violence Jury Trial - Defense provided evidence that was used to dismiss the case
  • No Contact Order Violations - Several cases dismissed due to evidentiary issues
  • Malicious Mischief 3 - Case dismissed due to the state being unable to prove that the damaged property was intentionally destroyed
  • Felony Assault with a firearm enhancement - case dismissed due to defense evidence
  • Assault 2 case dismissed due to a successful self defense argument
  • Several drug possession and delivery cases dismissed due to illegal searches and seizures
  • Several shop lifting cases dismissed due to a lack of evidence and witness testimony
  • Successfully negotiated several juvenile cases to the diversion unit, including felony assault charges
  • Negotiated many deferral dispositions for felony and misdemeanor juvenile charges, protecting the minors from having any criminal conviction
  • Have negotiated several juvenile Class A felony reductions, avoiding a JRA commitment  
  • Juvenile Rape Charges dismissed due to private investigation by defense and successful negotiations with prosecutors
  • Unlawfully selling over 3 boxes of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine - Not guilty jury verdict
  • Patronizing a Prostitute - Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP) - Not Guilty Bench Trial
  • Reckless Driving - Dismissed at half time on Defense Motion that WA State failed to prove all elements of its criminal case
  • Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia - Three not guilty jury verdicts
  • DUI Refusal (Second Offense) - The DUI Refusal was reduced to Reckless Driving based on a successful Defense Suppression Motion.
  • Possession of Marijuana - Dismissed on an Unlawful Search Motion
  • Argued that the police had insufficient evidence to establish probable cause - Case dismissed
  • Habitual Traffic Offenders & Driving while license suspended - Have helped over twenty habitual traffic offenders reinstate their licenses and get their charges reduced to lesser offenses that do not result in a license suspension.
  • Physical Control Violation - Evidence provided to prosecutor prevented criminal charges from being filed. Won Department of Licensing hearing and prevented driver's license from being suspended
Former Clients

“I want to thank you for doing everything in your power to save my son’s future. He has been accepted into Running Start and has such a bright future ahead of him. You were an asset to our family during this extremely difficult period of time. Thanks again.”
Parent of Juvenile Client - Puyallup, WA

“I interviewed many attorneys before hiring you based on a gut feeling. My gut feeling was right.”
Domestic Violence Client - Tacoma, WA

“After my DUI arrest I was a nervous wreck. Ms. Beckwith was able to put things in perspective for me and walk me through all my options. To make a long story short she was able to negotiate things so I don’t have a criminal charge going against my record.”
DUI Client - Ft. Lewis, WA

“You were honest and compassionate. You promised nothing yet achieved more than we hoped. Have a blessed day”
Parent of Juvenile Client - Burien, WA

“Cristine was able to find a problem with the evidence that was being used to try to convict me. And that was pretty much it. As they say on TV, case dismissed.”
Assault 4 Client - Lakewood, WA

“I’m a commercial driver so my job pretty much depends on my license. Christine saved my license and probably much more. I’m really grateful for the work she was able to do for me. It could of been a heck of a lot worse.”
Reckless Driving Client - Spanaway, WA

“Thank you for being so attentive to my case. You made me feel as if I were your most important client. I have no reservations referring business to you in the future. Warm Regards.”
DUI Client - Tacoma, WA

Peer Endorsements Peer Endorsements